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Atlantis-Pak invites you at IFFA-2019


Atlantis-Pak invites you to the IFFA-2019

Atlantis-Pak will take part in the IFFA-2019 exhibition, which will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 4 to 9 May.  Atlantis-Pak has been a steady participant in this exhibition for many years – this is the 8th IFFA event for our company.

The IFFA-2019 motto of Atlantis-Pak is 'Saving the environment protection has never been so profitable'.  The emphasis on sparing use of the natural resources is not accidental.  In comparison with other methods of realization of packaging solutions, the use of the innovative films, casings, and bags of ATLANTIS-PAK consumes much less water.  The AMISTYLE films are rather thin (from 30 μm), but their technical characteristics are on a par with materials that are 1.5 – 2 times thicker.  This means that the actual amount of the eventually disposed materials is 1.5 – 2 times less than that remaining after the use of similar packaging films supplied by other manufacturers.  Besides, our plastic packaging is suitable for recycling. This also reduces the amount of environment-polluting wastes. We help to preserve the forests of our planet by not using any cellulose in our production.

Thus, when you buy the packaging solutions of Atlantis-Pak you not only benefit from the advantages of our plastic packaging, but also contribute to environment protection.

Atlantis-Pak will present at the IFFA 2019 its new products included in the company's assortment over the last three years.  The principal novelties belong to the production of film materials; 12 types of the AMISTYLE film for various products and application technologies. Besides, new products are offered for other production areas: the iCel Premium super-permeable casing for raw-smoked sausages, the iPeel Pro highly permeable casing with improved elasticity for hot dogs, and the new Amivac bag types.  Another fresh attraction will be the zone for conceptual products – the packaging solutions to appear in our assortment within the next years.

We shall be ready to see you at the IFFA-2019 exhibition from 4 to 9 May at our booth: Hall 12.1, Booth D11, Messe Frankfurt.

We promise you an interesting visit!