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A team from Atlantis-Pak visited companies in China

Last month a delegation from Atlantis-Pak went to China to visit production sites, carry out tests and present the Company's products.

The Chinese company management met our employees with a warm welcome on screen: 'Welcome Atlantis-Pak team to stay and exchange experiences!'  There was a photo session and a round of the production site where we described our products in detail and were shown the production facilities, the equipment and materials used – including the tasting room and their own laboratory.


Besides, we learned more about the processing facilities: the equipment and technologies in place, and the competing products purchased, which helped us determine the list of casings to offer by Atlantis-Pak as alternatives.  Priceless experience was gained and mutually beneficial agreements were reached.


The partners specified the sizes and types of their products, and placed orders for our sample products for further testing.