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Atlantis-Pak has held a seminar in Azerbaijan: accommodation of requests and suggestion of opportunities

A two-week seminar jointly organized by Atlantis-Pak and its dealer, Casaratoglu LLC, was held in September in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

All meat processing enterprises, from small companies to large operators, had been invited. 

This is not a new market for Atlantis-Pak, since it has been actively involved with many companies for more than 20 years; trucks carrying supplies are regularly dispatched to Azerbaijan.  The pandemic has had its impact on the cooperation format, which had to be pursued in the remote mode during the last two years. Hence the need for a seminar, considering the multitude of new products to present.

The seminar form is convenient for all parties, since the schedule envisages both formal and informal communication,  and establishment of personal contacts, which is important for the planning of long-term business relations. The speakers can get their feedback, answer the eventual questions in detail, and sample the products to identify the item of major interest.

This time Atlantis-Pak representatives – Igor Gaponov (Chief of the RF & CIS Sales Office), David Tselikovsky (Senior Area Sales Manager), Natalia Polyakova (Senior Product Manager) – presented a range of innovative products: iPeel Pro, iPeel Chereva Pro Ko, Amiflex Papyrus, iCel Premium M, and iCel Prestige. We have already received requests for samples, so that the processors could test them at their sites.

At the sampling event, the curved sausage casing iCel Premium with a small ring diameter attracted general interest, because products of similar shapes are in demand on the local markets.

In the course of the seminar, Natalia Polyakova made a presentation with a review of the market penetration for the novel products. E.g., the regional sales of permeable sausage casings in 2022 grew by 50% compared with 2021 – fibrous casings are being replaced with iCel Premium M.  The regional sales of hot dog casings in 2021 were 24% higher than in 2020. Besides, the speaker presented the experience of market penetration expressed in figures as the economic effect from switchover to the casings manufactured by Atlantis-Pak.

Igor Gaponov, Chief of the RF & CIS Sales Office, summed it up: 'The region has been developing.  We have been supplying, through our dealer, our casings to Azerbaijan for more than 20 years, but there is room for achievement and progressing, and we have discovered the next opportunities even in the course of the seminar!  Our target has been 100% achieved, and we believe that the operating results will be just as satisfying.'