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АМIVAC MBL are heat-shrink barrier bags designed for vacuum packaging, storage and sale of sausages and delicatessen products, as well as other food products without bones or coarse inclusions.
АМIVAC MBL can be sealed through the folds and overlaps, which boosts productivity and reduces the repackaging rate.
Packaging of products into the АМIVAC MBL bag can be performed in either chamber-type vacuum packaging machines, or in chamberless machines by clipping.


  1. High barrier characteristics

    in relation to oxygen provide for a prolonged storage of the packaged products.

  2. Low permeability

    to water vapour excludes moisture (weight) losses of the product during storage.

  3. Demonstration of the product in all its attractiveness

    to the buyer due to the optical properties of the bag (transparency, gloss).

  4. High strength characteristics

    provide for good preservation of the packaged products at the stages of transportation and storage.

  5. Tight individual protective packaging

    of the AMIVAC bag packs guarantees protection from adverse external factors throughout the guaranteed storage term, and provides for an excellent sanitary and hygienic condition of the bags.

  6. Absence of chlorine-containing substances.

    Utilization of packaging free of chlorine-containing substances is less harmful to the environment.



bag width from 140 to 425 mm
bag length from 100 to 800 mm



bag width from 140 to 425 mm
bag length from 100 to 800 mm



bag width from 80 to 300 mm
bag length from 140 to 425 mm


Pasting on tape

Extra service





The AMIVAC MBL bags can be used for single- or double-sided printing. The number of colors varies from 1+0 to 8+8. CMYK printing is optional.

Forms of supply

  • in rolls with tear-off perforation
  • in rolls without perforation
  • pasted on two tapes (for processing on automatic equipment)
  • cut into separate bags inside transportation packs each containing 100 pcs
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