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Seminar of Atlantis-Pak in Tajikistan: Assalomu Alaikum, Friends

Last June, Atlantis-Pak held a technological seminar/presentation named 'An efficient strategy for development of food productions: new times – new solutions' for specialists in the meat processing industry of Tajikistan.

Atlantis-Pak has been cooperating for more than 20 years with Al-Kabir Company, who act as a steady dealer of our products.  Two pandemic years and subsequent events prevented Tajikistan from taking part in the Agroprodmash-2022 Exhibition in Moscow, an event traditionally well-attended by Central Asia guests.  Meanwhile, the country's meat processing industry has been rapidly and steeply growing – the need for novel products has never been so great.  The colossal deliveries of most advanced equipment and abundant supply of raw stuffs and materials testify to the fact.


Igor Gaponov, Chief of the RF & CIS Sales Office, says that a seminar was needed to present our new products to our colleagues, and to get a closer and personal view of the Tajik market.


The event, hosted by the city of Khujand, was attended by more than 40 specialists from the largest enterprises in the country.  The delegations included not only process engineers, but also the corporations' decision-makers, which emphasizes the high level of the seminar.   


The schedule of that two-day seminar was very tight.  Vladimir Smirnov and Natalia Polyakova (Senior Product Managers) and Sergey Yukin (Lead Process Engineer) described the products of Atlantis-Pak, paying special attention to the new iCel Premium, iCel Prestige, Dyplex, iPeel Chereva Pro, and Amiflex casings, the Amistyle ВР/CP films, and the Amivac MVL, CB, MVC and СН-В-7 bags. 


The participants sampled several types of sausages, frankfurters and wieners packaged in  casings made by Atlantis-Pak, and learned whether is was possible to use the new and traditional recipes in their products.  The sampling raised the interest to our new products, especially those packaged in the permeable iCel Premium and iPeel Chereva Pro casings.


'Our expectations from the seminar have come true.  We have met old friends and established new contacts.  Now we have a better understanding of what we can offer and which avenues to pursue on the Tajik market.  We have already received firm requests for samples, and we are negotiating with certain new customers the first industrial-scale consignments. In other words, the feedback is good and the involvement is great.  We think that this practice will become a tradition. A sincere rahmat to everybody,' sums up Igor Gaponov.