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Atlantis-Pak took part in IFFA-2019


Atlantis-Pak took part in IFFA-2019

Atlantis-Pak participated in IFFA 2019 exhibition, which is a major event for the global meat processing industry, held once in three years in the German city of Frankfurt. The booth of Atlantis-Pak was one of the most spectacular and innovative in terms of design: there were 200 seats within the impressive area of 420 square meters, and 5 meeting rooms where talks were held with the existing partners and new customers during all six days of the exhibition. At IFFA 2019 exhibition Atlantis-Pak used the marketing slogan 'Saving the environment has never been so profitable'; while successfully joining the worldwide trend, the company presented its sparing approach to the environment and the packaging solutions that reduce the pressure on the planet's ecological system and the applicable ecology-related taxes.

Atlantis-Pak has confirmed its leadership in innovative packaging solutions in a way unreachable for the competitors, by continually launching new films, casings and bags. Most of the new products are presented among AMISTYLE barrier films line. At IFFA 2019 we offered, for the first time, the matt iPeel Pro casing for frankfurters, and the casing for wieners iPeel-Gut Pro. In addition to the products that have been already included into main portfolio, Atlantis-Pak showed the concepts of five unique packaging solutions, announcing their listing in the company's product range in the nearest future.

'The international exhibition in Frankfurt remains the world's leading venue for exchange of experience and presentation of new packaging solutions to the industry, says Yevgeny Paramonenko, Director of Sales and Marketing of Atlantis-Pak. Hundreds of existing customers/partners have visited us, and we have established many new contacts. Our partners have shown great interest in the new products presented in Frankfurt, and are glad to see that Atlantis-Pak expands into new areas, such as barrier films, where we proceed in the general manner of our company – we do not imitate, we always offer new ground-breaking packaging solutions. During the recent years, Atlantis-Pak has been aggressively building up its presence on the export markets, and this exhibition has given a new impulse to the interest and demand abroad that will take months and years for us to satisfy'.

More than 67,000 visitors from 149 countries, mostly from Russia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland was attended IFFA 2019 exhibition from 4 to 9 of May 2019. This exhibition has been regarded as the number 1 event in the meat processing industry for more than 70 years (the first IFFA was held in 1949). The exhibition is supported by practically all national and international associations.