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Atlantis-Pak increases capacity in the Czech Republic

A new extrusion line has been launched at the Atlantis-Pak Service production site in the Czech Republic

It is an additional line for barrier casing production at the location, and it is dedicated to significantly increase production capacity of barrier sausage casing.

Director of Atlantis-Pak Service Andrei Kovalev declares that Atlantis-Pak Service is set to expand production in 2021, despite the epidemiological situation. "Since the beginning of the year a new extrusion line has been launched, it is planned to purchase one more shirring machine and an additional printing machine" says Mr. Kovalev. "We plan to move as many orders for European customers as possible to production site of Atlantis-Pak Service". 

The Atlantis-Pak Service plant was launched in 2014 and is now equipped with a whole range of equipment for all stages of casing production — from extrusion to printing and shirring. The plant is BRC-certified.