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Benefit direct / circular


iСoll is a matt plastic casing permeable to process smoke, and is designed for the production of all types of frankfurters, wieners, hot dogs and mini-sausages made according to the traditional technologies, including smoking and smoke-roasting, which offers products with the traditional sensory characteristics typical of products packaged in collagen or natural casings.


This casing can be used for all types of frankfurters, mini-sausages, wieners and hot dogs made according to the traditional technologies, including smoking and smoke-roasting.


  1. Optimal adhesion of the iColl casing to various types of stuffing provides for easy peeling of the casing off the finished product in spiral by the end consumer (А, P); in addition, the finished packaged products can be stored in the casing (links).
  2. High permeability of the casing to process smoke and water vapor allows roasting and smoking of the product, which imparts to the products the traditional smoked taste and flavor. This makes it possible to obtain sausages with the traditional sensory characteristics typical of the products in collagen or natural casings. The casing facilitates the formation of a dense coagulated collagen crust with a matt surface of the product under the casing. This contributes to stability of the process of casing peeling off the finished product without damaging the surface layer of coagulated protein (the crust).
  3. Extended assortment of products. The iColl casing is supplied straight or curved, which allows a wider assortment of products differing in their appearance. The curved version of the iColl casing makes it possible to produce sausages in the form of half-rings without the use of expensive natural or collagen casings.
  4. High heat resistance of the polymers used in the formula of the iColl casing  significantly expands the processing temperature range in comparison with collagen casings.
  5. High mechanical strength of the iColl casing permits forming of products using different types of equipment, and ensures high rates of production and possibility of overfilling relative to the nominal caliber. Caliber consistency of the casing provides for uniform stuffing on the modern high-capacity hot-dog lines and linker stuffers.
  6. Microbiological resistance. The polymers selected for the manufacture of the iColl casing are resistant to bacteria and mold fungi. This improves the hygienic characteristics of both the casing itself, and of the finished products.
  7. Optimal oxygen and water vapor transmission rates compared with collagen casings at the finished product storage temperature of (+2...+6 ºС) offer the following advantages:
    • reduced rate of oxidation processes in the finished products;
    • better preservation of smoked flavor in the finished product throughout the shelf life when the products are stored in the casing (links);
    • reduced weight losses (≈ 4 – 5%) during storage ( we recommend to store the products in a MAP or vacuum packaging);
    • retarded process of syneresis (liquid separation) in the finished product inside a vacuum package (≈ 1.5 – 2 times).


Casing type

This casing is intended for the manufacture of frankfurters, wieners, and semi-smokedsausages according to GOST standards or TU specifications


Casing versions

iColl Type А
Closed end of the shirred stick; the casing is intended for use on automatic equipment

iColl Type P
Open end of the shirred stick; the casing is intended for use on linker stuffers

iColl Аkо, Pko
Curved versions of the iColl casing



Bespoke colours are available


Single- or double-side printing.
The number of print colors varies from 1+0 to 6+6. CMYK printing is an option.
Printing inks are permeable to process smoke.

The curved versions are suitable only for:
– single-side printing with face positioning;
– double-side printing without positioning (i.e. when the artwork is background printing).


19 – 38 mm

Forms of supply

Vacuum-packaged sticks of shirred casing in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

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