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iCel Premium Pro

Benefit direct / circular


iCel Premium Pro is an ultra-permeable sausage casing and a perfect replacement for fibrous casings.


The iCel Premium Pro casing embodies the latest achievements and know how of our Company to offer the best consumer properties.


Technologically and economically, iCel Premium Pro is more effective than fibrous casings. Its composition and method of manufacture are patented.


No extra costs will be needed to switch from fibrous casings to iCel Premium Pro. Moreover, the finished product will preserve the traditional sensory characteristics throughout the shelf life.


iCel Premium Pro is intended, above all*, for the production, storage and sale of raw-smoked and air-cured sausages.


*can be used for any type of sausages


  • Fast manufacture of products high in demand.
  • Consumer properties at a par with fibrous casings, and the sausage matures within the same time.
  • Attractive natural-looking appearance, easy peeling in spiral.
  • Maximum permeability to the components of process smoke and moisture.
  • Gradual loss of weight while maturing; low risk of thermal hardening; uniform smoke transmission.
  • Enhanced elasticity due to the specially selected combination of components.
  • Excellent stuffability on automatic equipment thanks to the high mechanical strength.
  • Traditional taste and flavor of sausages throughout the shelf life.
  • More cost-effective and affordable for meat processors in comparison with fibrous casings.


iCel Premium Pro
A glossy casing with a good permeability for the production of sausages.

iCel Premium Pro Ko
A curved version of the iCel Premium Pro casing.


Bespoke colours are available


The iCel Premium Pro casings are suitable for single- or double-side printing.  The number of print colors varies from 1 to 8.

The curved iCel Premium Pro Ko casings can be printed on the inner, the outer or the lateral side of the ring.  The desired print location must be specified in the customer's order.

The following options are also available:

– Fullbleed printing.


Casing description and type

Casing caliber*, mm

iCel Premium Pro 


iCel Premium Pro Ko 


*Casing of bespoke diameters can be supplied

Forms of supply

The iCel Premium Pro (Ko) casings can be supplied in the following forms:

  • wound on cardboard cores, straight casing: 500m ±2%, 1,000m ±2%, curved casing: from 100 to 1,000m ±2%;
  • sticks of shirred casing with 38, 50 or 62m in the stick; 25 or 31m for curved versions.
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