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AMIVAC MBP are permeable bags for vacuum packaging and maturation of meat by «wet aging» technology.
AMIVAC MBP can be used for curing and smoking products.


For vacuum packaging, curing, maturation of meat by «wet aging» technology.


  • preservation of product weight up to 1/3 (compared to dry maturation);
  • prolonged shelf life of packaged products;
  • retention of product humidity;
  • juicer and gentler meat;
  • the risk of microbiological damage is eliminated;
  • less stringent requirements for ripening technology;
  • less expensive way of ripening (as compared to dry ripening);
  • competitive end product price;
  • sealing of the package is carried out on any type of vacuum packaging equipment.


Straight seal

Bag width from 80 to 200 mm

Bag length from 100 to 1200 mm

Semi-circular seal

Bag wdth from 80 to 200 mm

Bag length from 100 to 1200 mm




Printing is not available

Forms of supply

  • in rolls;
  • loose/vacuum packed 100 pieces packs.