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AMISTYLE FT is a multilayer high barrier film for secondary packaging of meat and dairy products by means of the flow bag/flow vac technology (as a replacement for heat-shrink bags).


The AMISTYLE FT film is made of polyamide, polyolefin, polyethylene terephthalate, EVOH and an adhesive (modified polyethylene) 

Permitted for use in the food industry.


  1. The outer layer of polyethylene terephthalate (РЕТ)

    provides not only for the excellent optical properties (gloss and transparency), but also for heat resistance of the film, which makes it possible to seal the packs through the overlaps without the risk of bonding between the packs.

  2. The polyamide layer (РА)

    provides for excellent strength characteristics of the film

  3. Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)

    procures for a high oxygen barrier and provides for

    • microbiological stability of the products during storage
    • retardation of the oxidation processes that cause rancidification of the fats contained in the food products
  4. The inner polyethylene (РЕ)

    layer allows sealing within a wide temperature range to obtain a tight seal, and provides a barrier to water vapor (zero weight losses during storage).

  5. High heat shrinkage rate

    makes the packaged product advantageously prominent and standing out in the shop window.

  6. Low curling rate and excellent slip

    of the film allow for high-speed packaging.

  7. Low specific weight of the film (kg/m2)

    ensures a perfect ratio between the product weight and the packaging weight.


Film types: AMISTYLE FT-35, FT-35-H, FT-45, FT-45-H, FT-75, FT-75-H.

Film width: 100-1050 mm (FT-35, FT-45), 100 - 800 mm (FT-75)

Thickness: 35, 45, 75 mkm



The AMISTYLE FT film is suitable for multicolor or CMYK printing.
Printing is applied by the flexographic method. The inks are resistant to boiling, fats, and mechanical action.

Forms of supply

rolls on dia 76 mm cardboard cores