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AMILINE Elite‑K/Elite‑Ks


AMILINE Elite-K/Elite-Ks is a general-purpose glossy multilayer casing with a high performance and excellent barrier properties, that contains the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol (EVOH).
AMILINE Elite-Ks is spirally peelable.


AMILINE Elite-K/Elite-Ks casing is designed for such products as:

  • cooked sausages and hams;
  • liver sausages;
  • pâtés


  1. The recommended shelf life  of spreads manufactured in the AMILINE Elite-K/Elite-Ks casing at the storage temperature between 0 and 6 °С is 70 days, subject to compliance with safety requirements and the availability of appropriate hygienic conditions at the production site.

  2. Mechanical strength of the AMILINE Elite-K/Elite-Ks casing makes it possible to mold ball-shaped chubs with the use of high-capacity automatic and semi-automatic clippers at high production rates.

  3. Low permeability to oxygen and water vapor is ensured by a precisely selected combination of polymers and provides for the following advantages of the AMILINE Elite-K/Elite-Ks casing:

    • zero losses during the thermal processing and storage of meat and sausage products;
    • microbiological stability of the products during storage;
    • retardation of the oxidation processes that cause rancidification of fats and changes in the natural color of the meat product;
    • excellent selling appearance (no «wrinkles») of the finished products throughout the shelf life.
  4. Physiological safety the AMILINE Elite-K/Elite-Ks casing is impervious to microbiological degradation, because the materials used for their production are inert to the action of bacteria and mold fungi. This facilitates storage of the casing and improves the hygienic characteristics of both the casing itself, and of the sausage production.



The recommended percentage of overstuffing relative to the nominal caliber is 4 6%.
Calibers: 29 120 mm


The recommended percentage of overstuffing relative to the nominal caliber is 8 10%. It has spiral peelability. 
Calibers: 29 85 mm


Bespoke colours are available


The casing can be used for single- or double-side single-color, multicolor or CMYK printing with UV-cured or volatile solvent-based inks.
Printing is applied by the flexographic method. The inks are resistant to boiling, fats, and mechanical impacts.


AMILINE Elite-K: 29 120 mm
AMILINE Elite-Ks: 29 85 mm

Forms of supply

  • in rolls;
  • in shirred sticks;
  • in shirred sticks R2U.